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Mixscan48-Gravimetric control system
  • Mixscan48-Gravimetric control system
Mixscan48-Gravimetric control system

Mixscan48-Gravimetric control system

Main Parameter :

The system is installed on the extruder to measure and calculate the weight per meter and extrusion output


● Shorten start-up time

● Save raw material

● Stabilize production process

● Improve product quality

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The Sea lion Gravimetric Control System can control weight per meter for pipe automaticly and strictly. It uses PID (proportional integral derivative) closed-loop control. In any cases, any time can control engine speed, traction speed and feeding amount of pipe production line.

Why must equip Gravimetric Control System?

Pipe stageWithout gravimetric control   systemAdd Sea lion   gravimetric control system
  BootingIt only can be konwed   the pipe thickness when a long pipe output in the booting process, and needs   to be adjusted many times to meet the quality requirements, this will waste   lots of material, time and labor.It can be control when   booting, Instant stability, no waste pipe extrusion,save raw materials, labor   and time.
  Production   Depend   on the experience and skills of the operator.unable to monitor the production   process, leads to the uneven of weight per meter for pipe and unpredictable   for pipe deviation.Gravimetric   system control automaticly, prevent human error, monitor the pipe weight per   meter, maintain the pipe weight per meter constantly.Alarm and handle   immediately when deviation.
Change material  The weight per meter   unable to know whe different material, this will cause large amount of waste   pipeNo matter how material   change, the system will check and adjust automatictly
Track   after production Unable to track after   warehousing

Record and save for   whole process, traceability


Plastic pipes, films, cables and etc. produce process and quality control

System workflow

The Gravimetric control system contains a intelligent scale, The function of the scale is that the small hopper opens and closes the valve continuously to cycle control the material. Make sure that each batch of material is free falling and keep the same pressure.The action of opening and closing valves are controlled by microcomputer which is based on the following procedures strictly;

1st step: The material is filling to the hopper and the valve will be closed when reach to 90%,

2nd step: The material in the hopper will fall down and feed to the main screw.

3rd step: When the material is lower to 20%, the valve will be opened, reload material and proceed to next cycle.


Gravimetric control system technical structure

Mixscan7L-Gravimetric Control System

Double output Gravimetric control system

In view of the popular PE/PPR/PERT pipe  high speed production line,  the linear speed reaches 20m/min,If adjust the speed, the tube will be thickness or thin, even broken the tubes.The double ouput Gravimetric control system controls the two extrusion according to the double traction speed and Host output and feeding rate which matches the setting accuracy. So as to control the pipe meter weight constantly.

Single screw gravimetric control system

ModelPipe Size(mm)Output


Mixscan48-Gravimetric control system

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