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MIXSCAN7-S2|Gravimetric Masterbatch Control System
  • MIXSCAN7-S2|Gravimetric Masterbatch Control System
MIXSCAN7-S2|Gravimetric Masterbatch Control System

MIXSCAN7-S2|Gravimetric Masterbatch Control System

Main Parameter :

Gravimetric masterbatch control system can control the masterbatch adding while control the meter weight, this system make gravimetric control and masterbatch control together.

Every product is made by different component, masterbatch adding is mixed by worker for a long time, this can make inaccuracy component and uneven mixture. Lead to pipe quality unstability. Also, increase labor cost and intensity. worker’s carelessness may bring signigicant irredeemable loss because of the sense of responsibility.

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Plastic film, cable,pipe, plastic modify, chemical industry and muti-component adding industry.


● Auxiliary engine dynamic change along with the host, control the proportion at any time strictly

● PID close-up control, intelligent, high-Precision

● Mixed continuous on-line, save mix time,improve efficiency.

● Brushless dc motor without maintenance

● Mixed automaticly Keep the mixture even

● Control by botton software and hardware made operation more reliable

Gravimetric Masterbatch Control System

ModelHost ScrewMasterbatch control screwComponete controlled
MIXSCAN7-S1DN75-906、12、14、16Single component (0.1-64Kg/hr)
MIXSCAN7-S2DN75-906、12、14、16(Optional)Double component (0.1-64Kg/hr)
MIXSCAN22-S1DN90-1206、12、14、16Single component (0.1-64Kg/hr)
MIXSCAN22-S2DN90-1206、12、14、16(Optional)Double component (0.1-64Kg/hr)
MIXSCAN48-S1DN120-1506、12、14、16Single component (0.1-64Kg/hr)
MIXSCAN48-S2DN120-1506、12、14、16(Optional)Double component (0.1-64Kg/hr)
MIXSCAN52-S3(Optional)6、12、14、16(Optional)Three component (0.1-64Kg/hr)


● Range of adding component: according to customer

● The quantity of component: 1-3(according to customer when above 4)

● Adding accuracy: ±1%

● Isolation automatically

Gravimetric Masterbatch Control System

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