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SL-meas315|ultrasonic on-line thickness measuring system
  • SL-meas315|ultrasonic on-line thickness measuring system
SL-meas315|ultrasonic on-line thickness measuring system

SL-meas315|ultrasonic on-line thickness measuring system

Main Parameter :

● Uniform thickness ,Full charge of quality
● Realtime monitoring platic pipe quality from startup

● Wall thickness/Inner diameter/Outer diameter/Ovalness/Eccentricity ;
● In strict accordance with the standards to ensure product quality

● Record all quality data and can therefore provide quality tracking.
● Automatic generate the pipe  quality reports

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    what is on-line ultrasonic thickness measuring system

The pipe thickness measurement is according to the principle of ultrasonic pulse reflection, when the probe launch the the ultrasonic pulse which reach to the interface of the inner and outter pipe through media,the pulse is reflected back to the probe, calcurate the time between the pipeultrasonic processing unit rapid calculate then figure out the pipe thickness.

On-line ultrasonic thickness measuring system is an independent R&D high-end system which is based on the advanced technology of domestic and foreign countryusing digital processing moduleadopt high-precision digital acquisition and processing chip. The system contains Sealion ultrasonic processing unit, ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic scanning box. The host circuit contains radiating circuit, receiving circuit, display and control circuit. The theory of measuring resolution is 0.001mm, actual measuring resolution is 0.01mm due to the uneven surface of the pipe and the production environment. This is in the advanced level of the industry.

 Why equipe the ultrasonic on-line thickness measuring sysytem

market competition Increasingly,the pipe company in order to get high quality, high economic efficiency and high profitability, they must improve the level automation production to make your product under the real-time,on-line monitoring.Sea lions on-line thickness measuring system is one of the high level thickness measuring system which apply to the pipe and plastic industry.

In boot stage:  system can directly find the status of the pipe, put an end to waste, defective products, shorten the start time

In production process:  the system monitor the tube thickness,eccentric,elliptical and outer diameter in real-time, monitoring product changes and make detailed production records complete saved. to check the production status at any time, let the tube production under your control

After warehouse:  Even if you have already sent them on-site, if you want to know about the certain batch of product, you only need to open the database of this system and trace it back.


l  Booting:Observe the pipe instantly, avoid the waste. Shorten boot time, Reduce         production costs and energy consumption

l  Production period: alarm immediately when exceed setting value, improve the   quanlity and productivity sharply,

l  Storage:  Because we are monitoring and recording during producing. you can trace back and find the reason once appeared the hidden quality trouble.

l  Save material: control the minimum thickness deviation and adjust the concentricity to save material, so we can calculater the saving via the extra waste.


 Operating principle

Sea lion on-line ultrasonic thickness measuring system adopt ultrasonics theory. Using precision high-frequency ultrasonic sensor, DSP high-speed data acquisition and processing. Measure the moving pipe and cable of extrusion line on non-contact way. Display the pipe section by touch screen. It displays the date of thickness deviation and eccentricity of various directions which refer to the locale worker. To deal with thickness, eccentricity, ellipse and outer diameter deviation in time. Reduce waste pipe, shorten booting time, this will save lots of expensive materials and labor costs for you.

 Composition structure

The measuring system is comprise scanning box, DSP processor IPC(industrial personal vomputer) and software. As follow

Ultrasonic On-Line Thickness Measuring System


Scanning box

Scanning structure can be perfectly fit for any curved surface of pipe, can keep  the probe pulse signal and pipe surface vertical tangent, ensure the measuring value accurancy, make the ultrasonic medium stability,  maintain the DSP singnal contantly, reduce the affective caused by medium, also, The structure design is simple and intuitive so that  operate simple and convenient.


Ultrasonic probe measuring principle

 Ultrasonic On-Line Thickness Measuring System



Ultrasonic probe distribution

Ultrasonic probe built in scanning box, the distribution structure is shown as follow:

Ultrasonic On-Line Thickness Measuring System

Built-in fixed ultrasonicprobe, can measure all range of pipe thickness

The number of ultrasonic probe can select 12346816according to the specific model

Ultrasonic probe protection level is IP68, so they can be fixed on the sanning box and installed inside the water tank;

Can measure multilayer pipe thickness, display the thickness separately for each layer



Ultrasonic Digital signal processing

l  Autonomy: DSP can receive echos Fast and accurate while distinguishing clutter      echos

l  Self-adjusting:  Even if the product material change, DSP can self-adjust to capture echo according to set parameters.

l  High-accurate: DSP transport captured signals synchronous, ensure the calculate date accurancy


Display control hardware and software

Provide IPC and measuring control software. 

modelPipe O.D range(mm)ThicknessQty of probe

Ultrasonic On-Line Thickness Measuring System

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